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We have had a website for years and found it a great way to communicate with our target audience. But we have recognized the need to improve the website for our viewers as well as the format to help us in keeping it updated.

Janic has brought clear ideas and has helped to work with us in order to create an updated site that will be more friendly for others and for us and been very helpful in working with us for future updates. Someone can design a website, but if there be no help, then it is already limited by how it will be used in the future. Janic has been a great help on both of these fronts
Date of Posting: 01 December 2013
Posted By: Louisa Farrelly
As a start-up company it was important to us to get the right company to give us the right advice about how to shape our website to suit our consumers, and also to give us the most cost effective SEO solution so that we could keep costs down while growing our presence rapidly online. Job Web Design listened to what we wanted and then delivered it while making the necessary adjustments that improved the look of our site. It was important that our site was simple and stylish-easy to use while being clearly NOT an online dating site and Jobo helped us to create the right image for our brand online. Since our business launched and our website went live, our position in organic searches has rocketed and now competes, at very low cost, with the goliaths of dating - online dating sites. Although they are not the same service as ours, their customers are our target market. These companies can afford to spend enormous budgets on SEO but Jobo have made it possible for us to compete on the same page for the most popular search words in relation to dating. This has led to a constant and healthy stream of enquiries. Being a small business, I appreciate fully the value of customer service and I find that the treatment I get as a customer is second to none with Jobo Web Design as they maintain the site and make changes very quickly, reliably and cost-effectively while constantly working hard to optimise our presence online. I would not hesitate to recommend Jobo to any business!
Date of Posting: 07 March 2012
Posted By: Rena Maycock
I have seen at first hand the SEO results achieved by Janick and I would recommend him as a highly capable SEO Professional.

Seamus Fahy, Founder & CEO, Voltaire Diamonds
Date of Posting: 05 March 2012
Posted By: Seamus Fahy
I am very grateful for the work Jobo Web Design has done in creating my website. I was very impressed by the enthusiasm, commitment and professionalism shown throughout the course of working on my website. Janick from Jobo Web Design was a pleasure to work with. I found he had a fantastic work ethic and was willing to incorporate many of my own ideas along with making his own suggestions and contributions. I was hoping to have a website that was easily managed and well maintained and I have found that Janick was committed to giving both. I now believe that I have an effective and cost efficient website. It was a pleasure to deal with someone so dedicated to their work and I wish Janick and Jobo Web Design all the best in the future.
Date of Posting: 01 December 2010
Posted By: Emer Dunne
Hi there Janick,

Just a quick mail (which I've been meaning to send since November!) to say thank you so much for your help, advice and professionalism in the development of my website. I'm absolutely thrilled with it!

I wanted a cost-effective website that gave the required information in a clear concise format, was easy to navigate, looked professional, and, most importantly, that was appealing to my clients and potential clients.

I was extremely impressed with your commitment to understand me and my business before agreeing to design my site, your excellent approach to aftercare service in terms of site maintenance and accessability and, lastly, your advice on how best to improve my rankings on the various search engines. As such I chose your webdesign team to design my website as I was confident that you understood me, as a customer, and what I want to portray to my customers in the market that I service.

My business is music, your technical advice and guidance was (and still is!) invaluable to me as I grow and develop my business. The development of the music player on my site was a key component of my requirements and all of my clients comment on how easy it is to use!

I'm sorry if this mail is particularly long but I genuinely want to pass on a big THANK-YOU to you and your team for your efforts so far - I look forward to continuing to work with you in the future and wish you every success for 2010!

All the best

Date of Posting: 08 December 2009
Posted By: Antoinette Dunleavy

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